Time Inc. wanted to adapt their category leading Cooking Light Magazine into an app to help users create balanced meals. The result is Cooking Light Recipes: Quick and Healthy Menu Maker.
Featuring a real-time nutrition calculator, mouth-watering photography, and a gorgeous interface to navigate over 300 delicious and healthy recipes, the app was named one of Apple's Best Apps of 2011, as well as App of the Week.
I was responsible for splash screen, app icon, recipe layout design, ui icons and all photos of dishes on both iPad and iPhone.

The layout of Cooking Light focuses on the photos of dishes as each one takes up most of the screen. The bar at the top shows the name of the entrée and what category it's from. If you tap on the category, a list will drop down with the other options. You can also simply swipe up on the photo to jump to the next category. Swiping left and right will advance between recipes in the category.

To view a recipe, tap the See Recipe button on the photo. From here, you can see a list of ingredients as well as the directions for cooking it. On the iPad, all the information is displayed at once.

There are 4 different dishes to tap on: entrée, two sides, and dessert. Tapping on one will change the category type in the upper left corner. All four of the dishes make up your menu. If you want to quickly have Cooking Light choose a menu for you, simple tap Suggested Menu on the photo. To the right of the menu, you'll find information about the menu including its calorie count and how much sodium and saturated fat there is.

On the iPhone, users can navigate through tabs to view a recipe.


App Store App of the Week
Apple's Best iPads of 2011
2012 IxDA Interaction Shortlist

Client: Time, Inc.
Creative Director: Brian Kelly 
Designer: Bomina Kim
Producer: Drew Cogbill
Developer: Quinn McHenry​​​​​​​
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