Coway is a Seoul-based manufacturer of health and wellness appliances and a market leader in Korea and Asia. Airmega is part of Coway’s global expansion strategy, and their first product for the U.S. market, so we were honored when they turned to us to concept, design, and develop the mobile application component of this gorgeous and innovative product.
I was responsible for the overall design including look and feel, color scheme, icons and paring screens on both iOS and Android.

Indoor Air Quality Indicator​​​​​​​

Airmega’s pollution sensor tells you the air quality inside in real time. The brightly colored LED ring lets you know if your indoor air is fresh or unhealthy, every minute of the day.

Fan Speed Control

Set fan speed and engage smart mode to conserve energy.

Timer and Filter Change Indicator

Schedule the Airmega to turn on and off at the same time on any given day. 

Access real-time air monitoring and filter status alerts.

Users can use the app to control the unit from any location, set timers, view and track air quality over time for a historical perspective, and configure alerts for pollution or filter status.

Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Index

Track a room’s air quality over the past few days or weeks.

Track outdoor air pollution levels for your city.

The WiFi-connected unit senses the indoor air quality while receiving real-time information on outdoor air quality and adjusts the filtration accordingly.
Created using Objective-C, Java, IoTWeb Sockets, PubNub, Parse, Client Backend and Device API.
Available for iPhone and Android.

App Map


Product Interface

App Flow

Color Explorations
First Pass
Fan Speed Animation
Airmega smart air purifier was unveiled at CES to great reviews.
(You can see some of the coverage here and here.)

Client: Coway
Creative Director: Guido Jimenez-Cruz
Art Director: Bomina Kim
Designer: Jiyun Kim
Producer: Drew Cogbill
Developers: Michael Shin, Stephan Petzl
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