Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures is a collaboration with Disney Publishing Worldwide, a division of The Walt Disney Company.
The vision was to create scrollable 2D kingdoms for children to explore freely as the princess of their choice. The challenge would be to let users navigate through various settings, while encountering friends along the way, all within the context of the story. 

Early Concept

Our teams follow an Agile methodology, so we created working iterations of the app every two weeks, after which we would re-prioritize the objectives for the following iteration.

App Map


I integrated assets provided by Disney to create and refine the characters, settings, landscapes, and props. And our animators gave them the motion and gestures needed to come to life.

Rapunzel's Background Layout

It is always a bit magical to receive assets from Disney’s animation studio, and this was no different. Weaving the assets together into an immersive world that follows a narrative with adventures and obstacles was the challenge.

Ariel's Background Layout

Belle's Background Layout

Each kingdom includes four sections and the story determines the order in which the children encounters them.

Tiana's Background Layout

Day to night transitions proved particularly difficult. Tiana, for example, needed to arrive at her restaurant at dusk and move toward a night scene of characters having a meal by a jazz band playing under a gazebo, with fireworks overhead. Compositing these scenes together seamlessly while transitioning the sky’s hue from late afternoon to night was well worth the extra effort, as it renders beautifully.

Build in Unity

I was forced to establish an efficient workflow with developers as the project was evolving to make sure we would still be able to meet our deadlines. My second challenge was to use Unity so I could easily modify the layout, position, colors and rotation of each object on the scrollable world to give it the look I wanted.

Using the Unity game engine to create immersive 2D worlds with parallax scrolling, in the service of strong, independent princess storylines, Charmed Adventures was one of our most challenging and rewarding collaborations with Disney to date. 

Client: Disney Publishing
Art Director: Bomina Kim
Designer: Lucia Kim
Producers: Drew Cogbill, Michael Siedler
Developers: Rocco Bowling, Nick Bowlin 
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