Based on a popular recurring feature in their print magazine, Esquire's Hardest Puzzle Ever is tantalizingly difficult, but good fun along the way. Developed for the iPad, it combines 3D game mechanics like a Rubik’s Cube with the wordplay of a crossword puzzle in five increasingly difficult levels.
Involvement in this project included app icon, game center icons, design, and animation.

The game combines Rubik's Cube-style puzzles with riddles. The idea is to form a complete picture.

When you have completed that, you must answer a trivia question related to the image.

After successfully completing each level, users can opt to print out and assemble 3D trophies, a clever addition.



Cube Animation
Main and Ending Animation
#1 in the iPad Trivia category
Client: Hearst Magazines
Creative Director: Brian Kelly 
Designer: Bomina Kim
Producer: Drew Cogbill
Developers: Rocco Bowling, Brad Bambara
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