We partnered with Amplify to develop tablet-based curriculum tools for middle school students and teachers. 
This playful and painterly game allows students to add flora and fauna to a pond to create and maintain a blanked eco-system.
I was in charge of the art direction from concept, illustrations, art working, and animation.

Welcome to Pond!

Your job is to create a vibrant, balanced ecosystem by carefully adding organisms over time.

Tap an organism to see its info card and learn more about it. 

You can also drag an organism directly to Pond.

Keep adding plants and animals to Pond, making sure that all of the animals have something to eat.
Keep the oxygen level in balance. (Plants and algae create oxygen, and animals breathe oxygen.)
Keep the PH level in balance. (Animals decrease pH slightly, and plants increase it.)
Keep the turbidity level in balance. (Turbidity is a measure of how cloudy the water is. The more animals and algae there are, the cloudier the water gets.)

Tap the Microscope to view the microscopic organisms of Pond.

When you add a microorganism to Pond, you're actually adding a huge number of individual microorganisms. Refer to the count to see exactly how many.

Tap anything in the Pond at any time to bring up its info card.

If you think the organism would be a good addition, tap the "Add to Pond" button.

All organisms affect various factors that contribute to the overall health and balance of Pond.

If you tap on any plant / animal / microbe, then you will be taken to the field guide entry for that item.





Frame Animations


Client: Amplify
Art Direct/Design: Bomina Kim
Producer: Drew Cogbill
Android Developer: Brad Bambara
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